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Ten Little


Ten Little shoes are comfortable, fun, and stylish, and specifically designed and vetted by pediatrists for children's growing feet.

Ten Little's ad campaign often focused on getting the word out about seasonal sales and releases, as well as promotional material from internet personalities.

Throughout the course of the campaign cycle, I worked with the owners at Ten Little to lead their ad campaign, provide pitch decks, and create the final motion-designed ads for their social media.

New Colors
Stories Ads

A main focus of Ten Little was to inform parents about potential sales, or new releases and colors as the company expanded production. Multiple versions of the "new colors" and "new styles" ads were created for both their stories as well as regular video posts.

Quotes Ads

Ten Little is proud of making quality products and receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews of their products. Some of the major glowing reviews were compiled to show the quality of their work.

Discovery Ads

Among some of the simpler ads to create, but Ten Little often requested many smaller ads with movement to post to their stories utilizing their static photography assets.

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