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Based off of a popular comic series "Stumptown," this crime drama follows Dex; a snarky private investigator who is often at odds with the law and criminals alike.

The focus of these ads were to get the audience interested in the show through the characters, fast pace, and witty commentary. Also included within these was an introduction to the story premise.

These ads utilized a lot of sound design, video editing, motion design, and storytelling.

Breakaway ads

videos contain sound

One of my favorite ad formats to use is the "breakaway" format to make action-packed scenes really pop out at the viewer.

Storytelling introductory ads utilizing sound editing, video editing, and motion design.

Full Spread

One of the largest series of ads for this campaign was the "full spread" character highlights on Instagram. In this format, a main title image is constructed so that the posts to instagram lines up.


For Stumptown, we did a set of 9 videos, each highlighting a different beloved character from the comics with one of their scenes in the show that emphasizes their personality and role.

These ads featured a lot of video editing, and storyboarding.

& Comic Book Ads

Two of the other single-use ads created for this campaign were "Reactions" and "comic hype" ads. 

Reactions ads were written to simulate characters interacting on instagram, as Dex (the protagonist) scrolls past confidently.

Comic Book ads were designed to highlight the art from the comic, and apply motion to it while also utilizing moments in the show as additional comic book pages being flipped through.

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