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Ida's Guide To Worlds
Beyond Our Own


Ida's Guide to Worlds Beyond Our Own is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e Sourcebook kickstarted in 2022 and printed in 2023. Set in a game of assassins, occult themes, and unique player options from the "Lore Reimagined" series.

As one of the primary illustrators, my task was to take the ideas and descriptions of NPCs from across the world and create character designs and illustrated pieces for each. Coordinating with the head writer, I also was tasked with creating the final boss imagery and advising on page layouts for the book. 


The mysterious ruler of The Glassway is referred to only by its title, King Bukko. A massive corvid demigod standing at an impressive 9 feet tall at its hunch, its long feathered neck extending out past its body endlessly. the display as the demigod's head twists around corners and comes face to face with its subjects is jarring and unnatural.

It's rule is maintained with the aid of its honor guard of undead burning skeletons. King Bukko holds only a handful of imposed laws for those who live in The Glassway. They are simple and easy to follow, but the price for breaking them is high.

KING BUKKo, the mad


Kal, Potions Merchant

The Alchemist known as Kal is a massive half-orc, a 7-foot-tall wall of muscle and flesh. Kal is a potions master, perhaps the very best in the Elseworlds, but has a nasty habit of testing his potions on himself. Kal is a wanted fugitive in his world of origin for his crimes of cruelty in the name of discovery. He has an impressive bounty on his head, which he totes as a badge of honor, and proudly hangs the newest version on the shop wall.


The Enchanter

The Enchanter is easily the most powerful magic user and legendary figure in the Glassway. He appears to be an undead who floats about and delights in mischief and misfortune, though never actively causing it. His shop is notable for the massive monster faced door and glowing runes.

The Enchanter flits around the shop midair, quipping and striking exaggerated poses. The shop is heavily supplied with enchantment orbs.


Auntie Yana's Peepers

The Hag, Auntie Yana, is locally famous in The Glassway. Sporting knee-length white hair and a pair of black spectacles, she sits in a rocking chair behind her stall, knitting. On the counter of the stall are tall jars filled with thousands of eyeballs. while eyeballs tied with twine dangle from the top of the stall. As you approach all of them snap their attention to you with unsettling fixation.

For your own eyes and an amount of gold, you can get a new pair in any color or belonging to any race.


The ivolant Queen of The Glassway

"The Mother Matron draws forth a gnarled wand and levels it at the Wishdrake as he flies down toward her. Before he hits the ground, hundreds of souls burst out of him and flow into the Mother Matron... And the woman you knew as the Mother Matron is gone. She has transformed into a monsterous Ivoland, fueled with the souls of Drakul's Game -- The Ivolant Queen of the Glassway."

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