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After 11 seasons of success at introducing the world to paranormal investigations, Grant Wilson, one of the original creators of "Ghost Hunters," returns with a hand-picked team to help people struggling with paranormal phenomena airing on A&E.

My focus on this project was to help produce episode recaps, and create social media ad campaigns to entice new users, and engage those already watching.

Episode Promo (Haunting)

videos contain sound

To maintain return viewership throughout the season and tease people coming into the latest episode, a series of short advertisements across social media were created for each episode. These little previews focused attention on the haunting.

Quick turnaround ads utilizing sound editing, video editing, and motion design.


Side by side Polls
"Haunted or Not?"

One of the ads utilized for the campaign to ensure engagement throughout the season was to do a series of polls with the audience of "haunted or not?"

These haunted versions featured opening doors, ghost orbs, and creeping shadows in Adobe After Effects as well as Cinema 4D.

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