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Hacker Summer Camp


Intrigue is a company focusing on Cyber Security and Information Technology that enables organizations to map their assets, monitor their environment, and mitigate ongoing risk. In summer 2021 I was contacted to help them design their shirts and posters for Hacker Summer Camp.

As a freelance designer, all steps in the process from communication with clients, research, graphic design, illustration, and advertising formats for their social media were my responsibility.


Event Shirt Design

One of the major elements the client wanted to focus on, was merch design. They wanted something to hand out during the conference that was wearable, and identifiable with their branding at the time.

There were various iterations before reaching the final illustrated style.

Alternative Designs

Poster Design 01

Intrigue wanted two different posters to cover the different kinds of clients who would see it.


The first design focuses on the glamor and shine of Las Vegas as a venue. Large, and Bold lettering matches the lights and energy of the city around it while vibrant colors draw in the audience.


02 Poster Design

The second poster design leans into the concept of "summer camp" with hiking, maps, and exploration of the venue and the various key talks for the event. A simplistic, but stylized topographic map of iconic Las Vegas highlights the location.

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