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3D Drawtober 2023


Drawtober is a community driven art challenge for the month of October. It consists of 3 prompts aimed at encouraging artists to experiment and create artwork throughout the spooky season.

This year my goal was to learn the 3D program, Blender, and expand my skillset within the 3D space. Throughout the month I focused on learning new aspects of 3D each prompt. (Lighting, Hand Painted Materials, Projection Mapping, Rigging, etc) Throughout I also wanted to include motion within each piece, to thoroughly explore the medium.

** Drawtober is still ongoing and thus my projects will be posted as they are completed.

Prompt 1: Overgrown Cemetery

For the first prompt of Drawtober I wanted to focus on projection-mapping hand painted textures, and becoming re-aquainted with the tools of Blender such as scatter systems, masking, and modeling organic shapes.

Known challenges:

- I was not yet aware of clean topology and would try to do so for future pieces.

- The method used for my materials didn't allow for much flexibility or lighting adjustments, and was more suited to adding details to pieces.

This video does have sound

Prompt 2:
Moth-Bitten Library

For the second prompt I wanted to focus on moving particle systems for dust and moths, as well as modeling for more geometric shapes. I also wanted to focus on dynamic textures that would change to fit whatever object they were applied to.

Known challenges:

- I overestimated how much modeling would be needed for a scene like this, and so I took longer than expected and had to download 1 free model for the desk.

- The complexity of some of my models slowed down my render, and so I was going to need to learn how to optimize my models for the next prompt.

Prompt 3:
Devious Dining

My third prompt was going to focus more on getting exactly the colors I wanted within my piece, while also learning better topology as well as compressing models for easier render. I also focused heavily on lighting methods, and liquid simulations.

I also began learning geometry nodes to model the tentacles, to create dynamic modeling based on boolean curves. Toward the very end I dipped my toe into hand-painted textures for some of the foods.

Known challenges:

- I was unable to use grease pencil for this round due to the size of my scene.

- Geometry nodes can be very confusing and took a while to get the hang of.

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